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The new Shirtinator Campaign started today.


Get the cool Fjord Rocker shirt for

15,99 EUR

plus packaging/shipping. The campaign ends on October 8th - so be quick


You can order the shirt in 6 lovely colours.



This is the right shirt for ambitious captains who like to put the pedal to the metal if conditions permit. But guys, be careful - you are not alone on the sea. Please remeber that life vests save lifes.


Heute ist die neue Shirtinator Kampagne gestartet.


Bis zum 8. Oktober bekommt Ihr das coole Fjord Rocker T-Shirt in 6 wunderbaren Farben für

15,99 EUR

zzgl. Porto und Versand bei Shirtinator.



Welcome to the home of amazing underwater fishing shots.



Check out the baltic sea flatfish hunt.


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